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London's Trail (1/2)

Here I come again, this time with an experiment that may or may not evolve in a multi-chaptered fic one day~

Title: London’s trail
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Wordcount: ~3700
Notes: this is a crossover with Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman. I don’t think you have to read the book to understand the fic, but it’s a great book, so read it anyway!
Since it’s a bit long, I’m dividing the story in two posts to make it easier for you. Here’s part one.

Those from London Below... It was as if they didn’t exist. Exactly like him.Collapse )


Holly crap, I actually finished a fic O_O

Seriously, this is the first time I have actually finished a fanfiction. It's party day for me :'D!


Title: Our Light (cheesy I know, I'm open to sugestions)
Rating: K
Main Characters/ Pairings: SoraxNaminé, Kairi, Roxas
Genre: Romance. Slightly AU I suppose...
Notes: One shot, fluff-ish.

So, just to make things tidier and more organized, I've edited entry tags to serve as a guide for story summaries. This includes names of characters and any other unique traits of the story, such as yaoi.

Just a little update. Those of you in the US, enjoy your Memorial Day!


Little one-shot for you

This story is for kh_rantbunnies, but as English is not my first language, it would be great if you were kind enough to point me out where my grammar is awkward :) Thank you!

Title: Channeling
Rating: PG
Wordcount: ~1200
Notes: So, “fusion characters”. They’re not sexy, they’re creepy. But what unnerves me the most is the crappy backstories those authors come with, always sparkleybladepoo Stus and/or offspring that make the biologist in me mourn for genetics. I wanted to write something with a plausible fusion respecting canon and where characters would have a normal reaction (that is, completely freak out).

Things kept becoming weirder and weirder.Collapse )


I was really looking for a community like this.

May someone beta this for me? It's a chapter of a fic I'm trying to write. I'd really apreciate it!

Slightly Au-does that even make sense? Sora/Roxas, Hollow Bastion, and Darkness.Collapse )

Also, is this community only for KH/FF fics?


I think someone said that they'd beta this for me, but they haven't gotten back to me. So anyway, here's the story.

  By the way, it's set just before, and then just after the battle with Saïx.


Let's get he party started!

So, this is a particularly persistent plot bunny that just wouldn't leave me alone.

There's been a lot of talk on khfanficrants about the Others of Saix through Larxene. I mentioned that I'm pretty partial to the idea of Axel coming from Agrabah.

So I decided to sit down and write it out :DCollapse )

What d'you guys think? I'm looking mostly for characterization tips.


Welcome to KH Beta!

Welcome everyone, to the first KH community specifically for beta-ing fanfiction. Basically, you just post your story, and tag it with the title of the story (and subsequent chapters, so everything is tidy), and allow others to comment.

Have fun!

Rules are in the user info!