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The Quest for Good Fanfic

we heart concrit

Kingdom Hearts Beta - we love concrit!
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KH Beta is a community for submitting fanfiction works-in-progress for editing, revision and constructive criticism in the Kingdom Hearts category.


1. NO FLAMES. The purpose of Beta is to let the author know what does and doesn't work. "OMG THIS SUX" is not a good way of doing this, not to mention that it's rude.

2. All types of fanfic are acceptable, but if there is a pairing you don't want to read, then either refrain from reading the fic or read the fic with attention to characterization and grammar.

3. Be kind and use common sense. I'm assuming we're all half-way intelligent and mature, so let's act that way, okay?

4. To submit a fic for beta-ing, either post it behind an LJ cut (using the code "lj-cut text="text goes here" and /lj-cut as html tags) or post a link to a site where we can read it. Comments will be used as concrit.

Other than that, join by friending the community, as you would any other LJ comm. The moderator is taistoi, so if you have a problem, please notify me.